Sustainable Behaviors


The expansion model of business and our global economy have created a culture of consumption. Users around the world are being encouraged to adapt new technologies and their related products. Our complicated systems caused huge traps in our societies from abuse of shared resource, beating the rules, and seeking the wrong goals. These current forms of global capitalism are ecologically and socially unsustainable. All these deprivations are causing in resentments and many unsustainable behaviors against the collective concerns of the societies. Therefore, these critical areas are necessary domain for designer’s active participation. 

This journal explores how sustainable behavior context could harmonize the individual concerns of the citizens with collective concerns of the society, so in the long term prevent the mentioned traps in our systems. 

Through studying our natural capital, frameworks, and system thinking the journal investigates the requirement for enabling people to live as they like, but in a sustainable pattern. 

There are different groups of frameworks that can help designers that all share the nature as model and mentor. Everything in nature is about optimization; there is no waste or discrimination. So, these models are our blueprint to reach to a sustainable future. The journal commences with introducing sustainability and sustainable behavior context. Then related history, theories, and influential leaders are described. Based on sustainable behavior goals, concept of Natural Capitalism, related frameworks, and system thinking will be presented. Finally, crucial elements in practicing sustainable behavior and related case studies will be discussed.