Social Innovation with Frog Design  (WE HAVE A VOICE) 



Background and objective


The objective of Sustainable practice course was exploring the important role of designers in the social innovation and empowering youth. "How we as graduate design students can facilitate the 


emergence of leadership skills in a group of high school students?"The idea emerged from experiences of Design Ethos 2012, SCAD’s conference on design and social innovation.  


Sustainable Practices class, Professor Scott Boylston, David Sherwin (Principal Designer, frog), and Debra Hasan (Gatorball Academy CFO)

The class was a ten weeks collaboration between graduate students at Savannah College of Art and Design, students at Groves, Beach and Savannah high schools in Savannah, GA., and a "Collective Action Toolkit" by frog design in San Francisco, CA. Our Sustainable Practices class had the opportunity to pilot frog's CAT toolkit for the first time. Our Sustainable Practices class had the opportunity to pilot frog's CAT toolkit for the first time. Our main

 goal was helping high school students to solve a specific problem that they like to work on. Our responsibility as facilitators was to show them they have a voice and they can take ownership of their own future! This project was documented in the following sources:   

frog design,  design ethos, & fast  company

Collective Action Toolkit (CAT)


The CAT was designed for community members who want to solve problems in their community, while gaining valuable collaborative and problem-solving skills through different activities. These activities develop participants’ strengths and perspectives. It’s available for use by anyone free at


"There are six activity areas that a team can move through in pursuit of their goal. The areas around your goal inspire how you move through the process of taking action. Each time you do an activity, you’ll learn something valuable that helps you better understand your goals and how to act to reach them."                                                                               frogdesign



Beach high school students, Mrs. Wilson, Gator and Debra Hasan from Gatorball Academy and three of us.

Photo by Nathan Sundberg



The class started with studying Social Innovation field. I was part of the group who worked with Beach High School for a period of 13 classes. My responsibilities- In addition to my facilitating role, I was responsible for our class weekly 


documentation and war wall, Beach high school documentation, analysis, synthesis, and opportunity parts of the process book. The documented process book is available for public consumption: