Product Design Projects



Oxygen kiosk



 This project started as a part of the first graduate studio in MA in Industrial Design in Fall 2006 and then was developed in the third graduate studio in Fall 2007 and finally the results were presented as a poster and group work in Seoul Design Olympiad in October 2008. The project was about studying the problems of citizens of crowed and polluted cities like Tehran to solve the most critical one through product and environment design approaches. Problems were explored through conducting three separate observations with regard to specific goals of these three approaches: 



-System design (discovering systems and subsystems’ roles and relations)

-Sustainable design (identifying environmental impacts) 

-Universal design (considering the main needs of human beings). 

Air pollution was recognized as the main problem and for resolving the problem Oxygen Room concept were proposed.


Delightful Wake Up Experience


The goal of this project was to find the problems of everyday urban life.The way of getting up in the morning has a strong effect on our mode during the day. 


So, The team concentrated on designing a collection for getting up gradually and without common anxiety.


Casual Collection 

(2006- BFA THESIS) 

The idea came from the dominant popularity of foreign brands among the young population in Iran. Dorsa is one of the few Iranian companies that is surviving in this market. The goal was to design a 


set of casual footwear and handbag that could respond to interests of young female students or workers who would like to spend money and represent stylish and chic Iranian brand.