Meaningful experiences: Meaningful innovations for behavior change



Emerging shifts in customer consciousness, cultural, economic and technological trends related to sustainability are forcing brands to think differently. Conscious customers with their money and power determine the path brands have to take. The significance and popularity of behavior change content becomes more considerable as sustainable advocates such as Sustainable Brands and triplepundit have a special section on behavior change.  

The common point among all these articles is the future of innovation is behavior change, changing consumer perception. Therefore, this study focuses on guiding principles for brands to empower customers in adopting sustainable behaviors by creating meaningful experiences for them. Designer believes creating meaningful experiences requires innovative engagement and valuable relationships between users and products.

Project objective and scope



This project identified opportunities to incorporate consumers’ needs and behaviors at a deeper level in the design process and raise their awareness about sustainable choices. There is opportunity for designers to  develop strategies and frameworks for the creation of more social and active collaboration between consumers, their communities and the brands they trust.  

The project methodology was based on "101 Design Methods: A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization" by Vijay Kumar.


Project methodology based on " 101 Design Methods: A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization " by Vijay Kumar

Final process book and presentation of this project has been documented in following links: