Brand Strategy (Case Study: Trader Joe's)



The goal of this project was learning about different brands strategies with focus on AC2ID Test. AC2ID test analyzes a brand's desired (D), communicated(C), conceived (C), and actual (A) identities. Test).  As a case study Trader Joe's, grocery stores was selected. The first step was identifying the brand identity, and its positioning in the market. The second step was about brand users and their conception as the conceived identity. The communicated identity focused on the 

touch points and actual identity to brand product and services range, their quality, customer service, price, and loyalty, all in comparison to the brand competitors. After comparing these 4 identities, an ideal identity (I) was presented for the selected brand. This project was part of a 10 week class, and assigned work time was two weeks. Due to time constraints, the research was based on desktop research. The results were presented with a wall chart and a computer presentation.