Alter people's perceptions of the disposable pen


Introduction and Objective

This studio Our objective was to create awareness about an important sustainable issue with a fun approach. 

As members of modern society, we find ourselves attached to material objects 24/7. However, the disposable nature of most products frequently leads to conspicuous consumption.

1.5 billion pens are disposed of each year in the States, which is 48 pens per second. 

So, in this project we decided to alter people's perspective about disposable pens. During first weeks we did different types of secondary and primary researches related to sustainable product design such as regulations, case studies, and etc. In addition, we sketched about different reuses of discarded pens.  




Primary Research

We observed, captured, and analyzed people's behaviors relative to pens in various locations throughout Savannah. We gained our knowledge through six different activities such as: Pen Drop Box and observations. 



After analyzing and synthesizing our gathered data, we decided to bombarded our classmates with interactive art pieces designed to change the way they see the disposable pen on March 6th, 2013. 

Our process and data are presented in the following website:


In addition to personal sketching, I covered Extended Producer Responsibility, Preserve Company, and Reusable pens parts of our secondary research. Also, I was responsible of making our primary research warwall and website. In Pentervention day, I planned the Adoption activity, and cocreated Pen life cycle movie. 




1. Pen Drop Box

Five recycling boxes were created and placed in various SCAD academic buildings with the goal of collecting pens that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage to be able to use them in an interactive art piece. The boxes remained in the buildings for 5 weeks in which 50 disposable pens were collected and diverted from the landfill.  



2. Pure Observation I  (the abandoned pen )

In various locations on SCAD's campus, several pens were placed in high traffic areas with the goal of observing and learning about the relationship people have with disposable pens. 

As a majority, people were more comfortable taking seemingly abandoned pens in interior spaces versus outdoor environments. 



A pen life story

PENtervention day

In order to radically change our fellow student's perceptions of the disposable pen, we decided to bombard them with a wave of pen madness. Some adopted pens, some shared their personalities, and others were invited to reflect on their behaviors of use.

Pen Adoption:

During the ten week period of Winter Quarter 2013, students collected abandoned pens in various locations on campus. Ten pens were selected to be placed up for adoption, with the goal of finding them a good home. Each pen was evaluated on their "pensonality" with the hopes of making a good match with their potential new owner.